Pleasant Valley Cooperative Preschool

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Why a Co-op?

Co-op Benefits you!

A Co-op is a unique opportunity for both parents and children to come together to learn, grow and develop lifelong friendships in the process.

For Parents a Co-op offers:

  • A better understanding of children, child development, and parenting through hands on learning in the classroom, at parent meetings, and other Co-op events.
  • Front row seating as they observe their own child in a learning setting, interacting with peers and teachers.
  • An opportunity to share their talents, or discover new ones as they contribute to the diversity of the curriculum.
  • The opportunity to send the message that school is important.
  • An involvement in all aspects of their child's education and a voice in school decisions and policymaking.
  • Communication with teachers and director which is more frequent and more effective.
  • And finally working closely with other parents' building lifelong friendships among families.

For children a Co-op offers:

  • A 1-5 adult to children ratio which allows plenty of 1 on 1 learning with children.
  • Relationships with many loving adults, fostering a safe, and stimulating environment of learning.
  • Enhanced curriculum from the diverse talents, gifts and history of the parents involved.
  • A smooth transition between home and school which is strengthened as parents and teachers work closely to address issues, bridging classroom curriculum and developmentally appropriate language between home and school.
  • Pride and joy as children share their parents in the classroom.
  • Friendships which are developed between children that last a life time.

What makes the Co-op a Special Place for our Children ~ from a parent

There are dozens of reasons why I love this preschool. And one of them is you.

You are the working parent who stays behind with my child when I leave to "go to Target and come back for Closing Circle."

You are the parent sitting next to me during Toddler Circle Time, the one whose lap my daughter chooses instead of mine when we're singing "The Goodbye Song."

You are the parent who volunteers to bring snack one extra time in a month or help out mopping the floor when I just have to get out the door right away.

You are the parent who stays up until 2 am making Me Book pages of my son at the Pumpkin Patch so I can have a lasting memory of these precious days with my little boy.

And you are the parent who shares a smile with me on the day when my child finally realizes she can ask a classmate, "Can I Play Too?" instead of yelling "But I want it!"

You are one of my child's first teachers and I am trusting you with her well being. Just as I am teaching her to trust others in a safe environment, I am also learning to trust her to others. Because in a couple of years, I'll have to wave good-bye to her as she walks into kindergarten each school morning and know that she'll be fine for a little while without me.

And in a few years, when our kids are in first grade and we pass each other on the soccer field, we'll stop and say hello again. I'll be amazed at how your daughter has grown, and you'll tell my son that we used to go to preschool together. Even if we haven't kept in touch, I will still remember that we shared with one another these incredible years of our children's lives. And I will know that being a part of this community of learners is one of the reasons my child is growing and learning so well.

You are one of my child's first teachers and I am one of your child's first teachers. You will always hold a very special place in my heart.

By Aimee Brumage

Co-op parent from 2001 to 2010

Parent Responsibilities

Pleasant Valley Co-op is a non-profit, parent cooperative organization. The willingness of parents to participate ensures the successful operation and growth of the school. To keep fees as low as possible, we rely on parents to do much of the work that non-cooperative schools must pay for. Parent involvement is the foundation of our cooperative preschool.

Parent Responsibilities Include:

Working in the Classrooms: Each family is required to sign-up as a Working Parent as an assistant to the teacher. As working parents in the classroom, you help provide the stability of a well-prepared class. Preschool, Combo and Pre-K work 2-3 times per month, Toddler classes work 1 time per month while attending each class with their toddler.

Parent Meetings: The meetings are a vital and essential communication link between parents, teachers, and the Board of Directors. Information is shared about classroom activities, school events, fundraising, etc and are held the first week of every month during your child's outside time.

Serve as a board member or hold a School and Classroom Job: Our Co-op is a preschool organized, administered and operated by the parents. Parents hold and maintain a classroom or school job throughout the school year. Job descriptions are listed in the By-Laws and average about 2-10 hours a month depending you the job position and your motivation.

Mandatory School Clean-Up Days: There are two mandatory school clean-up events. The first is the week before orientation (in August): we ask a parent from each family to devote two hours to the school. Work will be delegated and will include various cleaning and organizing tasks. The second clean-up day is in the spring (typically in early February).

Voluntary Fundraising: We have voluntary Family Fun Nights throughout the school year to raise money for our school. We also strongly encourage participation in our Silent Auction and Fall Festival Program in November.

Contribute to: The Class ME BOOK, by signing-up to document 2-3 events and attending field trips.

Pay Tuition: On time and in advance of one month.